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Common Malaysian Food Calorie

Good Day All Food Lover,

Here some of the list of Malaysia Food Caloric Values and if any question or inquiry kindly drop a message and we will try to help you out.

We are sure they a lot of Malaysia women love to eat but the same time very conscious about the calorie contain because you can easily gain weight if you not controlling your diet. We would like to give some guide of our food calorie so you can count your calorie intake daily.

Your rough daily energy requirement per day is ;
Your weight in KG x 30 calories
(eg. 60kg x 30 = 1800 calories/day)

If you want to loose weight, say 1/2kg per week
than you need to reduce your caloric intake by 550 calories per day
eg. 1800 calories – 550 calories = 1250 calories

Thus, a 60kg person on a reduced caloric intake of 1250 calories per day should loose
2 kgs in 1 month.

The trick is eat small portion and to get some sort of exercise at least everyday!

We will keep update Malaysian food calorie values, STAY TUNE..!

Nasi lemak is common breakfast for Malaysian but do you know how much calorie that you take for a breakfast only, here we break down the calorie value;

Nasi Lemak = 644 calories equivalent to 3 bowls of rice
Fried Chicken = 290 calories
Teh Tarik = 83 calories

Total calories intake for breakfast = 1017 calories

Maybe you can replace your breakfast by eating;

3/4 cup Oat, quick and instant cooked with low fat milk, can add cranberry or almond
= 254 calories

Common Malaysian Beakfast

Beside Nasi Lemak, roti canai is very popular breakfast;

Roti Canai/Dhal Β = 359 calories

Roti Telur/Dhal Β = 414 calories

2 pcs Curry Puff = 256 calories

The best breakfast that you can replace;

Chapati/Green Gravy = 166 calories

2 half boil egg/plain bread = 227 calories

Plain Sardine Sandwiches = 71 calories

So ladies, hopefully this can be a guide for you all to start a healthy breakfast. Remember your drinks also, because drinks also contribute your calories intake.

**The tips, try not to exceed 500 calories each meal, remember to add your food and drinks. If you take plain water or green tea it will be 0 calorie.


Date : 8th March 2010

We continue with Malaysian food for noodles caloric value;

Mamak Mee Goreng : 660 calories

Prawn Mee Soup : 293 calories

Lor Mee : 383 calories

Mee Rebus : 556 calories

Mee Hailam : 277 calories

Wantan Mee Soup : 217 calories

Fried Meehoon/ Noodle : 510 calories

Wantan Mee Dry : 409 calories

Penang Laksa : 436 calories

Noodle Soup : 381 calories


Date : 17th March 2010

We revealed common fast food caloric values;

1 whole Beef Burger = 317 calories

1 whole Cheese Burger = 341 calories

1 whole cheese burger with extra cheese = 438 calories

1 whole Fried Fish Cake with Bun = 433 calories

1 whole Hot Dog = 225 calories

1 cup Sundae Chocolate = 380 calories

Apple Pie = 260 calories

1 slice Pizza, pepperoni, beef etc = 155 calories

1 slice Beef chicken, onion = 242 calories

1 slice Chicken+Pineapple = 268 calories

1 slice Onion, Tomatoes+etc = 149 calories

1 piece Fried Chicken (various portion) = 290 calories

1 piece Chicken Wing = 166 calories

1 piece Chicken Thigh = 320 calories

1 cup Mashed Potatoes = 87 calories

1 cup Coleslaw = 62 calories

1 cup French Fries = 290 calories

1 can Soft Drink = 120

The tips to eat fast food, just take 1 meal…DON’T order 1 set, imagine you order 1 set meal

French Fries+Beef burger+Soft Drink = 290+317+120 = 727 calories..WOW that already take 1/2 of your daily suppose calories intake, not mentioning how much contain saturated FAT.

If you really want to eat burger, just order 1 whole Burger without drink & french fries.


Date : 27th March 2010

Traditional Malaysian Kuih

1 pc Cucur Udang : 144 calories

1 pc Yau Car Kuih : 292 calories

1 pc Doughnut : 268 calories

1 pc Goreng Pisang : 129 calories

1 pc Apam Balik : 282 calories

1 pc Cake, plain : 100 calories

1 pc Dumpling, Chicken : 203 calories

1 pc Kuih Koci : 183 calories

1 pc Kuih Talam : 183 calories

1 pc Yam Cake : 174 calories

1 pc Fried Spring Roll : 91 calories

1 bowl Lor Mai Fun : 422 calories

Just to remind ladies, this list is for 1 pc, SO usually we take more than 1 pc..don’t forget to times it up.

Just Don’t Overindulgent…



Date : 22th April 2010

Today we make a list of meat, poultry and seafood calorie value;

1 pc Fried Ikan Kembung : 219 calories

1 pc Steamed Pomfret : 65 calories

1 small plate Fish Head Curry : 288 calories

1 small plate Deep Fried Baby Sotong : 630 calories

1 small plate Prawn Sambal : 194 calories

10 sticks Chicken Satay : 365 calories

1/2 cup Satay Sauce : 129 calories

2 small pieces Beef Rendang : 228 calories

2 small pieces Mutton Curry : 287 calories

1 small plate Char Siew : 191 calories

1 pc Chicken Curry : 195 calories



1. DINI - March 26, 2010


contoursexpressmy - March 27, 2010

Thanks Nurdini, Hopefully you will keep continue reading our blog..

contoursexpressmy - March 27, 2010

Thanks Nurdini, Hopefully you will keep continue reading our blog..

2. Diane C - March 31, 2010

Thanks for these numbers. I’d like to know the calorie count for dhosai. I’m trying to be good and eat more chapatti than dhosai, but I’d like to know what I can exchange to get dhosai sometimes.

Thanks again.

ghanthi - July 16, 2010

Idli and thosai are made from same flour, but different cooking method. idli is steamed, maybe u can try those.

contoursexpressmy - July 19, 2010

Great info Ghanthi!.Thanks

3. lenny - July 13, 2010

great info!! thanks

contoursexpressmy - July 16, 2010

Hopefully keep reading.

4. aida - August 13, 2010

very useful blog..i really like…this blog will be one of my fav blogs…..sharing is caring!!

contoursexpressmy - August 13, 2010

Thank you very much dear so don’t forget to share with your friends.
Take care.

5. drjusmate - November 3, 2010

Really good information. Pls. allow me to link this information in my website. Thanks.

contoursexpressmy - November 7, 2010

Yes, sure Drjustmate..

6. Nancy - December 20, 2010

Hi there,
I doubt about my breakfast, can someone help me?

contoursexpressmy - December 25, 2010

Hi Nancy, right now what do you have for your breakfast. Can you explain to me your last 3 days breakfast.

7. LTSAL - January 21, 2011

Whts the calorific content for naan? Is it lower than roti canai?

contoursexpressmy - November 5, 2011

Sorry very late reply.

Plain roti canai 1 pc 95g 301 calories.
Naan bread 100g 336 calories.

More or less the same, so try not eat it frequently.

Hopefully it helps you.

8. zaza - January 22, 2011

hi, how much is 1 plate? people could pile a mountain of mee goreng on a plate and these calories would not be right. can you also give the amount in grams?

9. ym - February 27, 2011

Do fruits have calories?

contoursexpressmy - March 8, 2011

Hello dear,

Yes, fruit have calories, certain fruits which sweet have high calories but low GI.

10. rosemarry - March 2, 2011

Thanks for the guide . Quite shock when got to know all those calories in our food .

contoursexpressmy - March 8, 2011

Hi dear,

Yes, certain foods we think very low calories but actually the calories content quite shocking..the most important also the fat & sugar contents..

11. ariana - March 5, 2011

i have problem in counting my daily intake calories.can u help me?

contoursexpressmy - March 8, 2011

Hello dear,

what is actually your problem..you must have your own log book to count one by one your food intake. Then write down your food every time you eat, end of day you count all calories for whole day. You must budget a day you eat +/- 1500 calories.

12. sk - March 21, 2011

very good blog

contoursexpressmy - March 24, 2011

Thank you dear, keep reading πŸ˜‰

13. vic - May 27, 2011

thank u.

14. Alice - July 1, 2011

hi, may i know the website you get for those calories count? I am doing a food diary for my dad now. Need that list of food intake calories for references.

Thanks alot!

contoursexpressmy - July 20, 2011

Thank you dear, all the calories i copy from a book given by a doctor. You can just check us out.

15. joyce - July 7, 2011

hi, can u add in the calories for various type of fried rice?
as i was wondering how much calories r there for a plate of fried rice as they r a bowl of rice for each plate

contoursexpressmy - July 20, 2011

All fried rice not much different calories, plus/minus 650 calories per serving.

16. sab - August 18, 2011

may i know how much calories for ayam percik?

contoursexpressmy - September 2, 2011

Hi dear, It depend on the size of the chicken either breast or drumstick. Chicken breast is less fat. The calories maybe around 200 – 300 cal per portion and if more gravy higher calories because the gravy contains of ‘santan’. The method of cooking is good but the ingredient of the marinate is high calories. To make it less calories, less ‘santan’ or replace it with low fat milk with chicken breast.

17. Bull - September 29, 2011

Very usefull information. Keep it up πŸ™‚

contoursexpressmy - October 20, 2011

Thank you, keep reading..

18. Angela Pua - October 20, 2011

Hello, if kuew tiao soup with some fish made food such as fish ball, fish wantan, fish cake. the calories will be how much? Thanks. very like your blog!

contoursexpressmy - October 20, 2011

Thank you dear for asking. One bowl noodle soup 300+calories but if you add a lot of fish plus fish cake is fried, it can add a lot of calories up to 500 calories depends on how many fish ball/cake.

19. Anami - October 31, 2011

“If you want to loose weight, say 1/2kg per week
than you need to reduce your caloric intake by 550 calories per day
eg. 1800 calories – 550 calories = 1250 calories”

i would like to know how to calculate the calories that need to be reduced. Based on your statement, reducing1/2kg per week is equivalent to reducing 550 calories of daily calories consumption. How do you get the 550 calories for 0.5 kg per week?

contoursexpressmy - November 2, 2011

Hi, thanks for reading our blog. 1kg equals 7700 calories (this facts you can verify at any health/diet website). If you wish to lose 0.5kg in a week, so the calculation will be 7700 divide 2 = 3850 calories. 1 week 7 days so 3850 cal divide to 7 days = 550 calories. Meaning that in a day you must reduce 550 calories intake from your diet.

Hopefully you understand

Anami - November 14, 2011

Thank you very much for your reply. It really help me to manage my weigh loss diet. Really great explanation. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

contoursexpressmy - November 22, 2011

You’re most welcome πŸ˜‰

20. Azalea - November 1, 2011

hi, do u hv any info how much calorie in one sandwich? e.g chicken or egg sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, tomato & soft margerine

contoursexpressmy - November 5, 2011

Consider that is a Sandwich Chicken Breast contains 230 calories but if the chicken is fried or you add a cheese, the calories can go up to 300 calories.

Hopefully it answer your question..

21. Azalea - November 1, 2011

i’m currently joining gym and i’m only able to burn 200 calories in 45mins daily workout on the treadmill ;-(

contoursexpressmy - November 2, 2011

Hello there, how do you know you just burn 200 calories. Maybe you need to increase your metabolism, how to increase it by increase your muscle mass.

Azalea - November 2, 2011

hi, thanks 4 yr reply.. i obtain the 200 calories value frm the treadmill reading..after i insert my weight & run at various speed intervals within 45mins. I agree increasing metabolism can enable us to run longer at faster speed, thus burning more calories. May I ask what is meant by muscle mass? I’ve been told that drinking coffee 1-hr before work-out can also increase metabolic rate.

contoursexpressmy - November 3, 2011

The calories burn using machine sometimes varies with other machine reading. Maybe your activites mostly walking than running on the treadmill. Muscle mass is your muscle weight, the higher you muscle weight the more your calories burning. How to increase your muscle weight by doing strength/weight exercise. We need to increase metabolic rate is because even though you not working out hard like running, you still can burn more calories during your resting. Yes coffee can help to increase metabolism but must remember black coffee without sugar.

22. Winnie - November 1, 2011

How bout mix rice

contoursexpressmy - November 2, 2011

Hi there, thank you for reading my blog. What do you mean by mix rice?

23. Andrea - November 4, 2011

Hi, I saw the calorific values for apom balik and can you tell me ‘man chang kuih’s, please? Thanks!

contoursexpressmy - November 5, 2011

Is it Man Chang kuih same as Ban Chang Kuih aka Mee Chien Kueh? If same the calories contain 122 calories for 1 serving.

You could burn off the 122 calories from this Mee Jiang Kueh in a variety of ways:
Stair Step Machine – general for 12 minutes

Hopefully this is helping..

Andrea - November 13, 2011

Ohh?! Thank you very much πŸ™‚

24. Andrea - November 13, 2011

By the way, can you also tell me the calories in a bowl of Koay Teow Teng with egg, pork?

25. Andrea - November 13, 2011

By the way, can you also tell me the calories in a bowl of Koay Teow Teng with egg and some pork?

contoursexpressmy - November 22, 2011

Is it soup or fried? If soup is around 460 calories and if fried can go up to 700 calories…maybe you can take 1/2 serving only to control your portion. Good luck.

26. syah helmi - November 17, 2011

Hai dear, may I know the calorific value for a slice of plain bread and 1/2 cup of baked bean

contoursexpressmy - November 22, 2011

Hello, happy answer your question. 60 calories in a slice of bread & 1/2 cup serving baked beans ranges from 110 to 160 calories. Hopefully this will help you to control your eating habit.

27. Rice Dieter - November 23, 2011

Thank you for such a comprehensive list… been looking for a complete list of food calories to make a diet plan πŸ™‚ Really made my day!

contoursexpressmy - November 24, 2011

Thanks, really happy that this blog can help you.

28. Khatijah Adris - January 3, 2012

can i know how much the calories in a plate of rice?. much obliged. πŸ™‚

contoursexpressmy - January 10, 2012

Thank Khadijah for your interest. One bowl of rice 207 calories so you can cut your calories by cut to 1/2 bowl.

29. Ay - January 19, 2012

Just wondering, where do you get those numbers from…?

contoursexpressmy - January 20, 2012

Hello there, we got this numbers from various sources such as nutrition book from doctors & few websites.

30. june - January 19, 2012

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! Thanks a lot πŸ˜€

contoursexpressmy - January 20, 2012

Thank you for reading…keep reading.

31. Miu - January 21, 2012

thanks for sharing this amazing information… well, I wanna know how much calories a fried egg takes?

contoursexpressmy - January 24, 2012

1 large fried egg 92 cal, hopefully this can help you. Thanks.

32. vaani - January 27, 2012

how many calories in a wholemeal bread n sardin curry without santan?? tq

contoursexpressmy - January 29, 2012

Hi, thanks i will try to help you.
Wholemeal bread medium slice 80 cal
Indian chicken curry 100g 132 cal
Fish/ sardin curry 500g 595 cal

33. siti nor azliha - January 30, 2012

Nice info..very useful..tqvm

contoursexpressmy - January 30, 2012

Thank you very much. Keep reading

34. vaani - January 31, 2012

thank u for ur info…..

35. Sue - January 31, 2012

great blog with great information! I will try to count my calories daily. Do you have a calorie counter that you can share with us? Do you have calories of malaysian tidbits (those orange peel, sweet and sour preserved plums, olives, etc)? Appreciate it very much, thanks a bunch!

contoursexpressmy - February 3, 2012

Hello there, first of all any preserve food is not good because contain high sugar & salt. Try to reduce the intake by replace it with almonds or walnuts. The calories contain is between 50 to 100 calories depends on the size.

Sue - February 4, 2012

thanks for your feedback. I know preserved food is unhealthy. I have almonds, and pistachios at home, love them too.

36. AJ - February 2, 2012

Hey there, I would like to know the calories for fried kuew tiaw and nescafe tarik

contoursexpressmy - February 3, 2012

Hello there, 1 plate char kuey teow 321 calories but if you add more ingredients such as kerang can go up to 744 calories.
1 cup Nescafe tarik 97 calories..hopefully this can help you.

37. CP - February 9, 2012

Thanks so much for the details! Looking forward for more updates on calories count of Msian food cause its so difficult to determine how much calories we’re taking in every meal and this really helped.

contoursexpressmy - February 15, 2012

Thank you and keep reading

38. Mia Belle - February 12, 2012

Hi, im a female of 24yo with around 90kg. And i wish to reduce 1kg per week. Do you have a gist of how much i should be consuming per day? and how much i should be burning off per day?

This would really help me kick off this whole diet and being healthy stuff. thank you very much.

contoursexpressmy - February 15, 2012

Hello there, can I know what is your height? What is hour current activities? Basically you just need to control your calories not more 1500 cal a day and slowly start exercise 40 mins a day, 3-4 times a week. Consistent is more important, do it for 3 months you’ll start see result.

Good luck!

Mia Belle - February 18, 2012

i’m around 164cm high and currently playing the dance dance revolution game for an hour everyday. not sure how much i burn during that hour though ^^;;;;

39. carmen - March 27, 2012

hi, Im 170cm 56kg. I run 60 mins 5 times a week, average of 50-60km a week. I take 1 portion plain mee goreng/koay teow with 1 fried egg for breakfast, sometimes on top of that with a small packet of pre-packed nasi lemak and a cup of teh O kosong. For lunch I usually take mixed rice consist of 1 meat dish, 1 toufu dish and 1 veg with a cup of ice chinese tea. As for dinner I go for something light, eg fruits/veggie/miso sup.

Do u think my eating habit is alright?

contoursexpressmy - April 6, 2012

Hello there thank you for reading the blog. From the eating plan that you gave what can I comment is a complete diet with protein, veggie, carbs and just need to remember drink a lot of water because you are very active.

What is your main goal? I don’t think you need to lose weight. Just maintain what you doing right now with your lifestyle and eating habits.

Stay healthy;)

40. MilkTeddy - April 8, 2012

Hello , i have been wondering whether sambal or curry contain more calories? for example those that is served in mamak stores w/ nasi kandar? and what is the healthiest nasi kandar option to choose ?

contoursexpressmy - April 13, 2012

Hi there, sambal & curry more or less same calories contain depend on how you cook it. Sometimes we can cook curry with less calories. Mamak curry have high calories, better you cook yourself if you want to control your calories intake. Homemade is the best πŸ˜‰

41. Niki - April 12, 2012

Hi u really have a lot of information that is helpful
please continue with the job well done because i believe it helps a lot of young women to stay healthy. xoxo

contoursexpressmy - April 13, 2012

Thank you very much..keep reading ya

42. Irene - April 21, 2012

I think the calories a bit wrong .. Shouldnt be that high… Nasi lemak … Should b around 300 to 400 … Wit sambal…. Omg if i follow this i going to die… My current weight is 45 kg .. If i need to reduce 5 more kg … Then i no need eat ?? Zzzz

contoursexpressmy - April 21, 2012

Can check out our latest article about diet, moderation;)

43. Esme - April 23, 2012

thank you for such treasures of info!
how about sauces: chilli, tomato, oyster, kicap, etc please?

contoursexpressmy - May 10, 2012

Hi, are you refering to sauce. The sauce that we get from grocery have high contains of sugar but can eat moderately. The best way is to get the sauce from the tomatoes, home made.

44. Cratos - April 30, 2012

Awesome blog folks, nice on calorie counter ….
My point of view understand large muscle in the body requires more calorie to burn. Ex. Legs/Chest/Back learn compound workouts n combine with moderate amount of cardio steadystate oxygen intake to constantly burn fat… Go for more fruits in the night .!

contoursexpressmy - May 10, 2012

Good advice! Keep reading ya..

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